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The Arts

I Clean in Silence
Between cleanliness and Godliness lies obsession.
New fiction by Noah Cicero
The Bitchen Way to Prioritize

Stickin' to It
What's it like to win a national band competiton? What if you're a drum stick? New fiction by Aaron Barrientos.

Frank Muller: America's Storyteller
Learn about America's foremost narrator of AudioBooks

  Other Articles
  451 v. OBE
      Ray Bradbury predicts the evils of outcome-based education
  How I Survive Life
      Advice, philosophy, axioms, adages, tid-bits, aphorisms, proverbs, maxims, apothegms--I've got them all.
  Boston : Learning to love baseball
      A day at Fenway teaches 'Bitchen' Ric about baseball.
  Redneck Holiday
      My story of the annual trash amnesty day.
  Dihydrogen Monoxide
      The evil is everywhere!
  One Witch: A Parody MP3
      Barenaked Ladies meet The Blair Witch Project
  Are You Addicted to the Internet?
      Take this test!
  Congress Passes Americans With No Abilities Act
      Liberals gone amuck.
  Microsoft Buys Catholic Church
      Who will stop the evil empire?
  Bitchen -- Are You Spelling it Wrong?
      The sixth letter is the fifth letter.
  Microsoft Acquires Federal Government
      He's at it again...
  Divine Press Release
      Blow to God's career?
  Morning at Work -- a poem
      . . .this is how I feel every morning
  My Alphabet
      A random trip trough my brain. (Parts are missing...)
  Bitchen Ric's Hypertext Euphorium
      This is a whole site by itself. Lots of stuff in here...
  First Annual Junkyard Wars Party
      Come build with us, May 2nd and 3rd, 2003

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