The Current
Sad State
of Bitchen

A recent survey of the Major Internet Search Engines reveals that of around 4000 sites that use "bitchen" only 11% are spelling it properly.

This statistic is, unfortunately, representative of the sad state of spelling bitchen in America.

New Hope
A recent Turning Point episode featured the lone endeavors of Cody, a big-kahuna- turned-priest, touring parts of surf-deprived central North America trying to help, in his small way, the underpriviledged to "Spell Surfing Slang."

His SSS program touched thousands of kids helping them not only with bitchen, but also with gnarly,tubular, andrad. ("You'd be surprised how many get that one wrong," he adds.)

the word bitchen
they're spelling it wrong

bitchen--cool, rad, keen, neato, gnarly.

An adjective with the suffix "-en" that means "having been made to have the qualities of," like "golden", "frozen", "wolven", and "cloven". A negative­ to­ positive slang conversion like "bad" or "gnarly." Originated by California surfers (who brought us "tubular" and "gnarly" as wave descriptions).

Notable Usage: Terry Fields (Charles Martin Smith) in George Lucas' "American Graffiti."

Use of this word is not swearing or profane.

Its resemblance to the expletive noted above is etymological yet unfortunate.

From Partridge's Concise Dictionary of Slang and Uncoventional English

bitching, bitchin',[bitchen] adj [A violent perjorative.] Aus. mid C.19-20 Ronan 1956 "Wouldn't that be a bitchin' joke?" Perhaps originally euphemistic.
The Ronan refers to a 1956 book "Moleskin Midas."

Clearly in use by the time of "Gidget" as well as "American Graffiti.".
Predates Moon Unit Zappa's recording, "Valley Girl" by several years.

A Usenet discussion concerning "bitchen"

bitchin'--contraction of the present perfect tense of "to bitch"

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