what really happened to Flight 800 - a must read
The 747 Cargo Door Website

the most amazing web art I've seen - visit every link, be amazed
The Private Stamp Collection of Helen Cho, Quiet Foxes

spend an hour with the "Amazing" skeptic
The James Randi Educational Foundation

step into the mind of the author of Neuromancer
William Gibson's Yard Show

everyone in Hollywood thinks they can sing
Sing Along with Captian Kirk

the real story behind the demise of Mr. Hooper
The "Bert is Evil" Page

every Trakker, MOD Player, and sound tool you could want for the PC
"linux is only free if your time is worthless" - funny site

classical music MIDI files
The Academy of Digital Music

all about Dr. Demento - yes. he's still on the radio
Ch. 4:Demento/Funny Music Channel